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200KW - 300KW

Engine Package 1

The EJ engine used in most Subaru's since the early 90's can be prone to certain issues which vary between the 2.0L and 2.5L varient. Our entry level package is ideal for owners seeking to extract a healthy increase of power over the standard form or make some basic upgrades while rebuilding a blown engine to ensure longevity.

This engine package allows for common bolt-on upgrades for a Subaru such as upgrades to the intercooler, air intake, exhaust, standard location turbos, flex tuning and can be taken up to 300kw at the wheels while instilling confidence in the reliability of the engine.

We address key weaknesses in particular for the EJ25 platform and focuses on upgrading the internal pistons, connecting rods and head studs.

NOTE: Not all Subaru transmissions will handle a significant increase in power. In particular 5 speed manual transmissions installed in WRX's between 2000 - 2013 will need to be treated with respect if the power output is increased or steps can be taken to strengthen or replace the standard gearbox.

Whats Included:

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