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300KW - 400KW

Engine Package 1

For owners looking for high performance street use or an entry into motorsport, this package can reliably support up to 400kw at the wheels. At this power level the standard engine exhibits a range of weaknesses and requires additional enhancements over the stage 1 package to prevent catastrophic failure. The 2 main weaknesses addressed in this package are deck integrity and the cylinder head sealing system.

Being an open deck or semi-closed deck engine from factory, power over 300kw increases internal cylinder pressures. This can lead to warping or cracking of the cylinder walls. Deshele has spent significant time developing a closed decking insert plate that wraps around the top of the cylinder to dramatically increase wall strength.

The increase in cylinder pressure also requires stronger head studs to hold everything together. Deshele Performance has designed and developed 14mm high tensile head studs for this specific reason. This process requires drilling and re-tapping both the block cases and cylinder heads which is performed in house.

Whats Included:

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