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400KW - 500KW

Engine Package 3

Not for the faint hearted, this package brings together 15+ years of experience building Subaru engines to deliver some of the fastest Subaru's in Australia.

Extensive upgrades and machining is required to produce reliability at this level with some of the hurdles to overcome including sufficient oil flow, cooling, sealing and appropriate complimentary modifications. Our unique and highly successful o-ring sealing system in conjunction with our 14mm studs and closed decking plates are used to ensure block integrity while modifications to the oil pump, galleries and bearing design ensure sufficient lubrication. All 400kw+ engines produced are blueprinted and clearances set precisely to withstand and produce extreme power.

This package and power range should only be considered in conjunction with an appropriately selected turbo setup that utilises external wastegates, an adequately sized front mount intercooler core / exhaust system and an aftermarket ECU that can properly monitor the vehicle health and performance with failsafes.

Whats Included:

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